Micro tug

Electric towing machine

Sottocategoria: Nautic

Permanent magnets electric traction 250W 24V with differential gear, equipped with electro-brake and anti-crushing safety button for operator and load safety Max. speed 4Km/h (adjustable) 90A Electronic traction control system Battery status indicator and diagnostic system for first intervention in case of failure 2 (maintenance-free) sealed batteries 18Ah 24V, battery lifetime 4 hours External battery charger 7A, charging time 4 hours, 230V single phase supply 16A Butterfly switches for FORWARD-BACKWARD maneuvering 13x5.00-6 wheels, model "Tractor", also ideal for grass or uneven grounds Towing coupler with 100Kg. capacity Towing capacity 1200Kg. Weight 80Kg.