PMP is engaged in the planning and realization of biochippers and aspirators of leaves. All our biochippers are professional machines that can reduce the volume of the refuse of approximately five times of the discards and all residual of the normal operations of maintenance of parks and gardens.

In 2003, from the passion of our founder for the nautical market, PMP started to produce electric tugs for the handling of boats. Over time, our catalogue has been enriched of new products with which it’s possible to move easily crafts till to 40-ton weight.

Thanks to the experience come up with the nautical branch, from 2006 PMP produces electric tugs for the handling of the small-medium aircrafts. These machines, without the internal combustion engine, can handle aircrafts easily in the hangar without noise and smoke.

Finally, due to fact we have received several requests from our customers, PMP started to produce electric tugs for the industry sector. In this case it’s possible to handle heavy loads safely in small or difficult areas.

All our products with electric traction have been certified for “Industry 4.0”, the new era of manufacturing, which also allows their owners to obtain the important government incentives.

Planning and realization of machinery for:



Powerful and handy tugs for boats, caravans and trailers in general. Excellent for launching and hauling of boats through the winch.


Electric towing machines for helicopters and small-medium aircrafts. Compact but extremely powerful, they are capable to tow up to 7.000 Kg.


Machines created to solve all the problems of handling that could be occurred inside the workshops.