PMPis highly experienced in the production of machines for Environment, Nautic, Aviation and Industry.

For the environment sector PMP has specialized in the production of biochippers and of aspirators of leaves. Both biochippers and aspirators can be driven by a tractor or have their own engine that makes them completely independent. The engines are all petrol and are available in different powers to meet the needs of the user.

For the nautical sector PMP produces electro-hydraulic jacks and electric towing machines with wheels or tracks to adapt to different conditions of use. Thanks to them, it is possible to lift up to 15 Tons and move boats up to 40 Tons. Some tugs equipped with combustion engines are also available.

PMP aviation sector is characterized by electric tugs suitable for the movement of small and medium-sized aircraft up to 7000 kg.

The industry sector consists of electric machines able to respond to the different handling needs within the companies. PMP is also able to manufacture machines on request for special needs.

Planning and realization of machinery for: